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This week I had a chance to attend a workshop on essential oils at my yoga studio with Niki. I had used different essential oils for aromatherapy but they can be used for so much more! The teacher is a wellness advocate for DoTERRA so most of the information I am sharing is thanks to her and DoTERRA. I am no expert but I wanted to share the info I learned with you, but I also recommend for you to do your own research before diving in! Did you know these six things?


1. Supercharged

Essential oils are supercharged because they are super concentrated. For example one drop of Peppermint Oil can be as potent as 28 cups of peppermint tea. That’s pretty strong! Of course that is if you are working with pure essential oils.

2. Multi-use

There are actually three ways to use essential oils. The first being aromatically, such as in a diffuser or inhaled. By breathing in the scent you can effect your mood (aromatherapy) and even support your respiratory system. Even more they can help cleanse the air. Second, you can apply them topically. Have you ever put Icy Hot on soar muscles? Next time try wintergreen! And last but not least, you can take them internally. Think about it, if you can drink lemon in your tea why shouldn’t you be able to just put a drop of lemon essential oil in your water. But be careful, many essential oils on the market are not actually pure (even if they say they are) so never ingest any that say “For External Use Only”. Leading to…

3. 100% Pure

There isn’t heavy regulations on essential oils. That means even if 1 drop of 100% pure oil is used in a bottle, the company can label the bottle with a big “100%”! Crazy! Do your research before buying, and a good giveaway will be that if the origin can be ingested then the oil should be able to be ingested too!

4. Cooking

So if you can eat them, why shouldn’t you cook with them? Just remember they are super potent, you might just need to wet the end of a toothpick!

5. Versatile Effects

One oil can have many effects! For example, Lavender can help soothe your emotions, help you sleep better, and relieve skin irritation. While peppermint can energize you, help fight headaches, cool you, and calm nausea.

6. Cleansing

Many oils can be used in various ways to clean. For example lemon can clean surfaces naturally, but also a drop in a mug of hot water can help soothe a soar throat. Also melaleuca (also commonly called tea tree) can disinfect cuts.

Did you learn something? Did I miss one of your favorite essential oil facts?

Meditation with aromatherapy


My first exposure to essential oils was lavender, peppermint, and melaleuca. If you are interested in exploring essential oils, I would also recommend adding frankincense to your starter kit. Also, do your research before buying. It seems the current leaders in purity as well as research are DoTerra and Young Living, but check them out for yourself!

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6 thoughts on “6 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Essential Oils

    • Chelsea Rose Post author

      It was great! And I love taking class with essential oils! You should definitely think about it!

  • Lisa

    These are great tips and although I love essential oils I had never thought about using them for sore muscles, thanks! I like putting a bit of lavendar oil on the end of my yoga mat, oh so lovely!

    • Chelsea Rose Post author

      Oh I like that idea! I sometimes will put a drop of peppermint on mine if I know I will need a little pick me up during a hard class, but lavender would be perfect too!

  • Kate

    I’ve been collecting essential oils in the hopes that I would eventually figure out what to do with them beyond cleaning. So this was extremely helpful. I had never thought of using them for cooking and was unaware of the intricacies around purity.

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