An Inspiring Plus Size Style Box: Dia & Co 2

We have all heard of these new styling box subscriptions, but I’ve always been a little skeptical. Last month my Mom called to tell me she had signed up to receive her first box from a company I hadn’t heard of before, but she seemed really excited! First, thing you should know is that my Mom loves fashion, heck she even went to school for fashion merchandising! But then you should know that her life has included having a child (me) as well as a battle with a chronic illness. She now does not fall into a size 6 anymore. And although she loves to shop, it can be very frustrating! Most things in her section at the store can be covered in massive flowers, look so out of style, or just generally unflattering. A woman of any size just wants to feel beautiful and find pieces that fit their unique style… and lets just say my Mom is not a giant tropical floral print, mumu wearing kind of mom (although there is nothing wrong with that either, its just not her!). So when she said this company showed woman of all sizes in trendy and fun clothes, I was super hopeful for her and she was excited! So what did she order? She found Dia &Co!

Dia and Co is like many of the other style box subscriptions but they are exclusively for women in sizes 14 and up! This means they are familiar with these women’s bodies and how to dress them (I mean check out their Instagram!)!Dia & Co insta feed

You pay a $20 styling fee per box you request and then get paired up with a stylist. After you fill out some info about yourself, your stylist gets to work and packs up a box of five items. When the box arrives it will include your items as well as a price breakdown and a note from your stylist! You then can try on the pieces, see how you like them, and decide what to keep. That $20 styling fee then can be used towards your purchase and you can get a discount for buying the whole box! That’s a pretty good deal!

Additionally you can send back the pieces you don’t want for free, get size exchanges, and leave feedback for your stylist so each box can get better and better!

Unboxing Dia & Co

So what did she get?

Dia & Co outfit Dia & Co unboxed outfit

Necklace $28

Navy Top with Button Details $38

Patterned Blouse $49

Black Junarose Loose Pant $59 (Which I apparently didn’t see fit to even take a picture of! Ooops!)

Molly & Isadora Skinny Jean $65 (In both pictures… I need a better camera)

Total: $239

But, she could buy it all for $159.25!

At the end she decided she didn’t really love the fit of the black pants and didn’t need the pendant necklace so those went back, but She is in love with everything else! (She has even gotten two more boxes since then and has kept a few things from each!)

Have you tried a style box? Let me know what you think in the comments! And let me know if you want to see more of Mom’s fashion or her Dia boxes!

Dia & Co style box

Mom tried a new style box service, Dia & Co!



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