Six Unique Bloggers, One Tempting Trend: Ankle Booties Edition

Are you ready for another dose of style inspiration? Last month I introduced a new style collaboration I have joined with five other bloggers (check it out here!), and this month we are tackling booties!

Let's get ready for fall!

I have realized sometimes it’s hard for me to write a fashion post to share with you all because I always look for unique and one of a kind pieces… meaning I don’t always have a link for you to follow to get the exact look I’m wearing! I love finding unique accessories like these amazing boots from Bed Stü! Bed Stü uses organically tanned leather and still makes boots by hand! They say “Just like no two finger prints are the same, each BED|STÜ product is distinct” and I love that… plus they are cute and comfortable.

I can’t really pass up a unique accessory! And this outfit is rounded out with some of my favorite finds for fall! I love to add a spectacular scarf to any outfit in fall, like this one form a local designer, Sophia Reyes! In Chicago a versatile jacket is a must (since the day can start out chilly, be 80 degrees by lunch, and then crisp by dinner), denim for the win today! My purse is an old find from a Couch outlet that was supposedly part of a miss-dyed lot (the rest of the orange purses that season where much brighter)!

Chelsea's unique accessories


 Outfit Details:

Boots: Begin in Cognac from BED|STÜ

Scarf: Similar Winged Scarves from Sophia Reyes

Denim Jacket: Similar by Madewell

Green Sweater dress: Similar from Old Navy!



More bootie inspiration:

Lauren's fun transitional boots

Lauren from Mothering Honestly:

Lauren from Mothering Honestly

I love her Charlotte Russe boots! Lauren said, “I love the color of them and they are really comfortable! The brown color said fall to

me, and of course being in September, I am ready for fall clothing, but in Texas we don’t really have season changes. Because of this I opted for this simple boot, the skinny jeans and this top.” Plus she can still run around with her little bundle! I love her casual yet trendy look! Check out her post over at her blog.



Od from Just OD Things:

OD from Just OD Things

OD is wearing some faux-leather ankle boots in brown and a more bohemian look! Since she is all the way in India she isn’t really prepping for fall like we are in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean she can’t rock some cute boots!

“I love to experiment with my outfits and accessories, and I think boot add an interesting twist to a dress look. In this outfit, I have a summery outfit with a shift dress paired with a brightly coloured shrug; the brown boots just pull the whole look together, without making it look like a deliberate effort to make a statement with a fusion/boho look.” Read more about her look at her post!





Gabby at Gift of Gabby:

Gabby's edgy style

Gift of Gabby has a Pop of color!

Gabby wore these colorful booties out for a lunch date with her husband and then to the grocery store! These boots are so versatile and add an edgy punch to her outfit! She adds, “Since it’s still massively hot here in Georgia (boo!) I can’t quite go full Fall Weather mode yet with sweaters and booties. Instead, I opted for a relaxed tee and olive skinny jeans cuffed to my ankles to pair with these fabulous red and gold ankle boots. I love the pop of color from the boots! The mixed metals of the jewelry added an extra edginess that made me feel casual-cool.” Check out her look here!




Rosy of Radiantly Rosy:

Rosy from Radiantly Rosy


Rosy is in Texas where she doesn’t really experience fall weather until well into winter! She feels. ” it’s fun to be able to mix season! That’s why I wore this super sweet dress, for the heat of the day, but paired it up with some super fallish boots.
-A good way to stay fall even if the weather doesn’t allow!”  The dark mustard of her boots screams autumn! To learn more from Rosy check out her blog here.






Jody from It’s Fantabulous:Jody from It’s Fantabulous!

Jody's detailed booties

Jody bought these B.P booties way back in July because she absolutely loved them, and I can see why! ” In the spirit of fall I chose to wear this cute cardigan over a white tie front blouse and believe this will be my favorite go to fall piece this fall and winter. The best thing about fall is getting out my favorite sweaters and sweatshirts and curling up under a blanket with a good book or watching football with my family.” I agree! Find out more about this look here!




Are you ready for fall?!





6 bloggers, 1 trend: Booties! 6 Bloggers, 1 Trend: ankle booties!