Another Summer Comes to an End, Hello Fall!

Well, earlier I posted my 2017 Summer Bucket List… it is now fall! Let’s just say I did not really finish my bucket list and leave it at that! Life happens and the end of this summer ended up being crazy busy!

A Look Back at Summer:

  • I went to 6 concerts at the Ravinia Festival this year! Including two nights of Stevie Nicks which was a truly amazing experience! (our lawn set up makes a cameo over at Sincerely Liv!)

Rosy Point of View at the Ravinia Festival!

  • We did unplug at the cabin (kind of), and I did write a post about the Galena area that you can check out here!
  • I joined a junior board! Joining a junior board is an awesome way to get involved with a charity you want to support, as well as get involved with other young professionals! Wish me luck for this upcoming year!
  • Matt and I played some mini golf! Always a great date night in the summer!
  • Spent a weekend at the race track with my Dad! This was a great new experience for me! You can get inspired to support motorsports over at this post!
  • Matt and I had our three year anniversary on August 31st! (and a blog post idea about work-life balance came and went and never got posted so keep an eye out for that… someday!)
  • Went to three different farmer’s markets! I always love a good farmer’s market! I discovered Wax Avenue candles at one of them and bought three different candles (they really smell good)!

And although it is 90 degrees out in Chicago right now, it is fall! And I love fall! I love scarves, and planning for Halloween, and apples… and sweaters… and boots… and bonfires… ok you get it! I will miss pool days but I am ready to get cozy!

A Look Ahead to Fall:

  • I am already planning on going to three or four craft fairs, vintage markets, and one-of-a-kind shows in the next few months! Keep an eye out for unique finds!
  • We already are working on our next six blogger style collaboration… and hint: we are working on some footwear! Check out our first post here to meet the other five bloggers.
  • Working on our Halloween costumes! I love making my costume and getting Matt in on it too! I’m planning on posting about one of my favorite costumes early in October to give you some inspiration!
  • Scarves and Jackets everywhere!
  • Diffusing some more fall essential oil scents! I’m going to fill my place with cinnamon and clove!
  • Who knows what else!

Fall inspirataion!

What are you looking forward to this fall!?


Rosy Point of View transitions to fall!