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This November we were all really excited for fall weather, but since I’m in Chicago the weather has been not very fall-like! Usually Chicago is great about having all four seasons but this year we fluctuated from warm to cold and never really hit that perfect “fall” temperature. I wore my denim jacket for about 2 days and never even touched my other fall coats… I went straight to the down North Face! Never the less, I love sweater weather! The instant the air gets crisp and it starts to get darker earlier I whip out my sweaters, scarves, and hats! I was excited to showcase knitwear this month! The six of us have picked pieces to feature, and it is pretty diverse since some of us live in colder climates, while others are still waiting for it to actually turn chilly. I’m also excited to introduce a new blogger to the group, though I am sad that Lauren from Mothering Honestly has had to step down from the group to focus on her shop, it will be fun to get to know another blogger!

But First, here is my cozy knitwear look:

It was freezing and rainy out when I was taking my photos so I grabbed my new sweater from a local Chicago designer, Sophia Reyes, and my basic at home clothes (a t-shirt and leggings). Not to mention, my favorite Smart Wool socks! (P.S. you can spot some early Christmas decorating in these pics… but don’t worry, that’s just the start!)

Staying Cozy at Rosy Point of VIew


Cozy in our Nest


Chelsea Staying cozy


Basics: T-shirt from Eddie Bauer, Leggings from Beyond Yoga, Socks from Smart Wool, Our Nest Pillow from Rusty Anchor Design Co.

Also, are you ready for a fun fact? I crochet! So, a piece has to be pretty special for me to be willing to buy it! But I am also not super talented yet… here I am with 2 blankets I have made (plus, another Matt’s Grandma knitted for him (lower)!)

Did you know Chelsea Crochets?

As for the other bloggers:

Gabby from Gift of Gabby:

Gabby from Gift of Gabby

Gabby has the perfect accessories for her knitwear look! A cardigan, hat, and perfect necklace! (Gabby, am I spotting some Chloe and Isabel?) Check out her post here to learn more about her look!

OD From Just OD Things:

OD and her hat

Guess what… OD is also an amazingly talented knitter! She made her hat! She admits she loves hats to hide her hair in the winter and I think we can all agree with her on that one (plus when you can make a pretty hat why not rock it, right?)! Check out more from her here.

Jody from It’s Fantabulous:

Jody from It's Fantabulous

Jody is enjoying fall in this look! I love the different textures of her hat! And I’m jealous she can still wear a fall jacket! Check out more about her cozy knitwear here!

Rosy from Radiantly Rosy:

Rosy from Radiantly Rosy

Rosy is sharing a sweater her mom made for her when she was 18! Look how well it has held up to years of wear and washing! Rosy is in Texas, so this is a perfect sweater for the fall for her! See what else she has to say over on her post.

And please help me welcome our newest member…

Dominique from A Petite Flower:

Dominique from A Petite Flower

Dominique is a 21 year old blogger and online vintage clothing shop owner from Delaware! Her shop is A Petite Flower Vintage and her blog by the same name features fashion, faith, and lifestyle. She is also studying Personal Styling online at the New York Institute of Art & Design! “I love fashion, Disney, photography, and old movies. Honestly, my personal style is all over the place. One day I could be in head to toe vintage, and the other day in boots and a velvet dress I got at forever 21. It really depends on my mood. When I’m not wearing vintage, though, I tend to lean towards more of an edgy look. I would say this look is a little on the edgy side with a pop of girly from the pastel sweater.” I can’t wait to see what she does with our style challenges in the months to come! Check out her look here!


And that is everyone! What is your favorite way to incorporate knitwear into your style?

I’m going to get back to work… and hide my hair cut with a hat for the rest of the season… wish me luck!

Fall and busy!



Six bloggers take on knitwear

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