From Boring to Charming: Making My Rental Kitchen Mine 2

So we pretty much love our apartment… except I struggle with our kitchen! Basically it is a long skinny, almost galley, kitchen with one area of counter top, a bathroom at the end, and the two bedrooms off of it. It’s not the best lay out… I mean the bit of counter isn’t even on the wall opposite the appliances, it’s opposite the back door! But we make it work and I have tried to make it my own (despite not understanding what made them use green tile and then paint it two different shades of blue… like why!). The prints around the kitchen (that tie the whole thing together)where sent to me by Marigold Paper Co and I excitedly excepted her offer because they were exactly what I was looking for, they are pretty, and I love supporting Etsy artists.

Ok so here it is:

Our long skinny kitchen

To orient you this is taken basically from the living room. That door you see is the bathroom, there are two bedrooms to the left and that is IT.

Styling tips:

  1. Use accessories to bring in character and personality (and in my case make the room more cohesive color pallet). I loved these prints Marigold Paper Co. sent me from there Etsy store! You can find Mint, Basil, Thyme, and so many other options in their shop.

Tea and herbs

2. Use space wisely! For some reason during a renovation the landlord decided to put french doors in to lead to the second bedroom… we use this room as an office/video game space so we felt the french doors weren’t necessary and completely killed totally usable space in the kitchen. The left door costs you an entire wall! So I bought an island at Ikea and stuck it there! Yes, we lost use of that door, but we gained so much of the kitchen back and made more counter space. I’d say it was worth it! (Also do you spot another Marigold Paper Co print? I love this one!)

We didn't need that door anyhow

Coffee Corner reclaims kitchen space

3. Use extra storage as a way to decorate. For example I hang my mugs over the coffee maker and have jugs near the stove to hold some of my spatulas and spoons. Plus now an apron is right there when I need it, and they cover up some of that blue…

Right by stove

Kitchen Aprons on hand

4. Be you! I collect tea cups, so they need a place to go. I have this hutch from my Grammy. It fit on the bit of wall between the two doors so there it goes. Sure that could have been were a table went or the island, but I needed somewhere to put this substantial piece of furniture. And this is where it works for me. This is where I can see my teacups, grab one when I want to use it, and hide other things I can’t figure out where they should go in the hutches lower compartment. (I spy another print, tying things together!)

A place for my collection

My Collection

So there you have it! Our weird, fun, memory making kitchen! I can’t wait for the day I actually have a kitchen I love, but for now, this kitchen is mine! And keep an eye out for another post featuring Marigold Paper Co (Hint: I’m updating my night stand!)!

How do you utilize your kitchen space?


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  • Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin

    You have a real eye for display. Your beautiful walnut glass topped piece once sat in your great grandmother’s sitting room and when it came to your grandmother it was once used in a dining room and a grandchildren’s bedroom. How pleased Madeline Flora Thompson Forgue would be with your tea pot and cup collection, something she collected and loved too. This blog is amazing, and I have looked at hundreds upon hundreds and know of what I speak. Congratulations on the entire concept and presentation.

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