Halloween Inspo: Make Your Own Memorable Mermaid

So I have to confess that I love themes! I love to decorate for holidays! I love to dress up! I love to DIY and make something my own! Today, as Halloween is around the corner I thought I would share with you my favorite Halloween costume from recent years. I made it myself (the day of our Halloween party because… procrastination) so hopefully you can use it for some inspiration!

I was actually inspired by Lauren Conrad’s mermaid costume and she shared her DIY on her website, check it out here for the original post! So I really started with a great baseline to go from… but, I was a graduate student and am not a talented seamstress, so I made some alterations.To start, I did not want to buy a nice corset or bra just to hot glue sea shells on it so I found a leotard I had from my dance days in a pretty blue and called it good enough! Second, since I had procrastinated and didn’t think anyone would inspect my craftsmanship I did not line the skirt, I just wore some seamless leggings underneath and no one noticed! Score! I also really wanted a mermaid tiara, but as I wandered through the craft store I realized I could never make something as pretty as they showed on Pinterest so I found 1 large scallop shell and went for more of a vintage hat vibe.

What I Used:

Making the magic: before the mermaid

Leotard in a mermaid color and leggings (optional if you are in a colder climate)

Green sequin material (get enough for the length you want)

Assorted Tulle: I bought 2 yards of each color

(sparkly white, sparkly tan, hunter green, teal, sparkly light green, lightly sequined (called shine) navy)

A spool of burlap sparkle ribbon for belt

Assorted sea shells  (found in the floral arrangement section of a Micheal’s Craft Store)

Headband to attach the scallop shell

Assorted Glitter for makeup

Hot glue gun and glue

Sewing kit and safety pins

Makeup, including eyelash glue


What I did:

I followed Lauren Conrad’s instructions (minus the lining!) and pinning on myself to make my tail. I’m pretty short so I didn’t have to sew a lot and I choose to just use two safety pins towards the top as my closure so I could get myself in and out of it pretty easily. I measured out the ribbon and then arranged the smaller shells on the part that would wrap around my waist with hot glue (hint: I did take the front of the belt to the skirt so it didn’t shift to much). I also used the hot glue to attach the large shell to a headband for my headpiece. This was probably my least thought out part of my costume as the shell was REALLY heavy, so I ended up needing to pin it with a ton of bobby pins and had to place the headband end on top of the back of my ear to support the weight of the shell… but eventually my ear went numb… Now one of my favorite parts of this costume was the makeup! I had looked up inspiration on Pinterest and thought some of the looks with scales were really cool, but not really what I could do. I ended up finding some old body glitter I had in blue, white and silver and picked up assorted glitter that included some larger flecks. I applied my makeup basics and then used eyelash glue to adhere the glitter to my face, on one side of my neck, and on my color bones. I finished it off with a bold lip and used the eyelash glue to glue two small scallop shells to my ears like earrings! I was so happy with it!

Mermaid Makeup inspirtation

The Finished Product:

(Don’t mind my terrible photo, I didn’t realize two years later I would be writing a blog post on this!)

My Mermaid!


If you need a couple costume, make your guy a fisherman! We kept saying Matt caught me (yes we are that cheesy!).

Mermaid and fisherman

What will you be for Halloween this year?


Mermaid and a fisherman! DIY mermaid costume by Rosy Point of View