How I Conquer Each Day: Belief in Planning

Life can be hectic, so plan for it!

Call me old-fashioned… but I still use a paper day planner! And I have too! I’m guessing we were all forced to keep a meticulous planner once we started getting homework, but once we got to college many of my friends switched to digital calendars to keep track of deadlines and dates. I thought it was so cool when I get my first phone with a good scheduling app (it was the Blackberry Pearl!) and I so badly wanted to switch over to whipping out my phone whenever anyone asked if I was free for dinner or needed to check when something was due. But, digital calendars left me unable to see the big picture and completely unable to stay on track with tasks. So, I will forever be a day planner lady!

Every year I would browse Target or Barnes and Noble for my next planner. I always love opening the crisp, untouched pages and I feel a little nervous to put my first notes in it (usually important birthdays!). Recently, I have noticed the planner has had a major resurgence in popularity! And I am thrilled! With the Day designer, happiness planner, and so many others I’m almost overwhelmed by the options! This year my mom gifted me a Hardbound Life Planner from Erin Condren. This isn’t really a review of the product since I just started using it, but so far so good! I have the horizontal weekly view, since that’s what I’m used to, but I’m intrigued by the vertical layout as well. I will say that this particular planner doesn’t seem all that different from what I’m used to, EXCEPT… a great spot to set goals and make plans in the front of the book! There are also quotes scattered throughout! Ohhh… and I got some amazing planner stickers that I am going crazy using!

Pulling out my pretty Life Planner

So why do I love a planner?

1) I can keep a daily task list… and actually check things off when they are done. Anyone else love the feeling of physically crossing something out when done or throwing a big ol’ check mark down?

Weekly view

2) I can make it WAY prettier then any google calendar. I mean between colored pens and stickers, no digital calendar can compete… except with a neat font, mostly because I have terrible handwriting.

3) I can see the big picture! I usually use a paper clip to easily flip from the weekly view to the monthly view so I can see what weekends I have free, when I need to take photos, what blog posts might be published near each other, if there is a birthday I should be planning for, etc.

Monthly view and accessories

4) I can Plan ahead. I know that sounds silly because with any calendar (app or otherwise) you can plan ahead. But I like to be able to look at every little detail of the week ahead, make sure my checklists are up to scratch (like every chore at work and home), and be able to face the future with a plan… so that when something comes up I’m ready for it! This easily links back to my love of the “big picture” but it also extends to being able to calm any worries about my work week or social commitments coming up (read: I can pre-plan my driving route and parking plan). I can also slowly panic as I stare at a looming deadline… like the fact a blog post was supposed to go up today and I still hadn’t finished it… you know good old pressure really does wonders sometimes…

5) The look I get when I pull out my planner. You can sometimes make a friend just by pulling this thing out of your purse. It’s fun to see who are “planner people” and who aren’t!


Are you a “Planner Person”? What is your favorite planner or calendar to keep track of things?

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