Importance of Being Unplugged… and How To Actually Do it (not like me) 5

This week I’m taking a long weekend to spend some time on a lake with my boyfriend and his family. It is a real luxury that we get to take the time off to hang out and relax. That being said we really want to relax and try to unplug. Lately I have been so busy at work as well as writing for this blog and being active on social media to make new connections. It has been a lot, but I also want to keep my eyes on the important things in my life, like my amazing support system. With all my work emails, instagram, facebook, and shopping right at the edge of my fingers it could be really easy to spend an entire weekend just catching up and getting caught up on them, but I want to catch up on quality time with my boyfriend, hang out with his family, help out with his adorable niece and nephew, and fill my quota for time on the water. It can be hard to unplug but it is important to keep our real life connections and human interactions.

How I prepared for our weekend:

  • I picked up two new books to read since I won’t just be scrolling through facebook. After browsing through our local independent bookstore I settled on My (not so) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella and The little Paris bookshop by Nina George. Will I really have time to read both in four days? No, but a girl can dream.
  • This is a rule I have for any trip. We like to have our choice of snacks to nibble on. This time we have chocolate covered pretzels, smart pop, and trail mix.
  • Schedule ahead. I failed at this but it’s important to plan ahead. I had planned to write this post ahead and schedule it to post on Thursday, but I got side tracked and it is now I wrote this Thursday night… and then it turned out the house has no WiFi and we have no signal so this is posted from a coffee shop in Galena, IL… learn from my mistakes, schedule ahead (even if you think you will have WiFi… because sometimes you wont).
  • Actually unplug. Other than writing this post, the lack of WiFi and cell signal have forced me to set my phone down and be present.

Look out for a post about our trip next week!

Have you tried to unplug recently?


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