Keeping it Rosy: Spring Showers with Spring Flowers

spring showers bring spring flowers

Apparently tomorrow is National Pink Day! And of course we have to celebrate at Rosy Point of View! Pink is my favorite color,  I never outgrew that princess phase! So, I thought I would share with you my favorite new accessory: my rain boots! I told you I was going to buy them in my spring shoe post you can find here, and I shared them all over my instagram when they came in the mail, and now I will rave about them here… then maybe calm down (until it rains again).

In the past I have had other rain boots, not many because of my giant calves. I have had a tall pair from J crew, that I had to slit the back to fit my calves. Those lasted me a few years, but possibly because I rarely wore them (they sometimes cut off my circulation) And I loved them. I have also had Sorel lace up rain boots (that I’m not sure they even make any more) that I got 5 years ago to study abroad in Scotland. It rained a lot, and they were great! And I still have them and love them. But it was time to invest in the famous Hunter Boots! I have lusted over them for years, but was it worth it?

Rosy Ready for Rain

HELL YES! I went with the shorties (because calves and I was ordering online). They come in so many colors that I got to choose between three different pinks! FYI they do run large, I normally wear a 6.5 and ended up ordering the 37s which say they are the equivalent of a US6. They have a handy size comparison tool online that made me feel more comfortable when I ordered, use it. I have only worn them once in the rain, so far, and I can gladly say my feet stayed dry (and still had feeling!). They also aren’t as heavy as I thought they would be, so I was comfortable in them at work. I think I’m in love!


Rosy Spring Outfit

Boots: Hunter

Boot Socks: Hunter (On sale so quantities might be limited)

Shirt: Talbots (style)

Skirt: Similar

Umbrella: I have the Vera Bradley (Similar) but Hunter has a fun one too!

Flowers: Farmer’s Market



New Wellies!

Rosy Ready for spring showers