New Year, New Goals, New Mindset 2

New Year, New Goals, New Mindset

It is officially 2018! And as I started to look forward to my new goals for this year, I also looked back at my goals for 2017 to assess how I did last year. First off, I think I succeeded in finding a new creative outlet (Hello, Rosy Point of View). And although last year was my “Year of Self-Care“, I think I kind of fell short on this goal the second half of the year. I want to continue this theme of Self-Care in the New year, and I am guessing many of you need to too! But, I think I need to break that very large category down into more attainable goals. So, let me share with you my resolutions and goals:

5) Learn

I have always considered myself a life long learner. But now that I am pretty settled into my job I realized I haven’t really been actively working on learning… I kind of take that back… starting this blog took a lot of research time to figure it all out and I am still learning so much about social media, hosting, wordpress, etc! Ok, but I want to continue to actively broaden my horizans! I obviously have more to learn about blogging (1), I have my new camera so I can learn more about photography (2), and I have been listening to books on tape in the car during my commute (kind of 3). I want to continue to explore more about essential oils, delve deeper in my yoga practice, and maybe work on a language (ok that probably won’t happen because I am terrible at languages but we have to start somewhere). I want to actively say yes to new learning opportunities this year, and I can’t wait to see where that takes me!

4) Grow

Rosy Point of View is my creative project and I have loved to develop a great following for it (all of you!). I want to keep creating content that you all enjoy and to keep creating an authentic and unique space for you all. Obviously a huge part of why this is fun is all of you! I have some growth goals for this year that hopefully will include the launch of a newsletter (nothing crazy, probably once a month, just to let you know what’s going on, new posts, maybe some bonus content for subscribers, who knows!), increase our social media presence and engagement, and more!  (You all can help with this by hopping in the comment section and let me know what has been your favorite post or type of posts this year!)

3) Get Grounded

I have noticed that during the second half of the year my yoga practice dropped off, and my anxiety crept right back in. I want to continue my self care goals from last year and make concrete plans to do so. The most easy is for me to actually plan to go to yoga once a week, at least. Second, I want to continue to explore other self care avenues, such as my essential oils (that have been a real life saver during this cold I got to ring the new year in with) and the Salt Cave my Mom likes to go to. The next two resolutions should also help keep me grounded…

2) Stay On Schedule

This one is a blogging goal and a life goal! I hate being late, I hate being unorganized, and I hate missing things! I still use a paper day planner to put all the information I need! This year I am giving the Erin Condren Life Planner a try, so that as I gain new projects, think up blog topics, schedule meetups with friends, and all the things that go with my work I can put them all in one place. I can also try to plan for my goals for this year! This also ties in to my most important goal for the year…

1) Cultivate a more Positive Mindset

Self-Care is not just for the physical body but also for ones mental space too. I have noticed that as I have gotten older I have gotten a little more skeptical, a lot more anxious, and quite a bit more cranky. I have tried meditating and I still plan on going to yoga, but I think I need to try to actually cultivate a more positive mindset. One way I have been working on doing this is through thinking of 5 things I am grateful for in the mornings. This hasn’t really worked for me for two reasons: 1, I’m not a morning person and 2, I forget to do it. This year for Christmas my mom gave me a gratitude journal. So I have decided to sit down during my bedtime routine and add at least 5 min of Journaling focused on what I am grateful for that day! I decided to shift the time to evening, with hopes it will help me be in a positive mood as I go to sleep, so my anxiety won’t creep in and my mind chatter hopefully won’t keep me awake as long. Also, this shift should help prevent me from putting it off since I won’t be worried about getting ready and out the door for work. I figure it’s a good way to relax, reflect, and cultivate a grateful heart.



What are your goals this year? How do you plan on staying focused?

Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals, New Mindset

  • giftofgabbyblog

    Hey Chelsea! These goals sound awesome and very well-thought-out! I’m glad to hear that yoga is something you’ve found to help your anxiety… one of my 23 Before 24 goals is to complete a 30 Day yoga challenge in one month, and a big reason is to help with my anxiety!