Self Care Ideas

We all need to remember to take care of ourselves, here is a quick list of simple acts of self care you can do now.

  1. Take a nap
  2. Paint your nails (or better yet, get a manicure if you can). Check out this post for my favorite at home products!
  3.  Take a bath with lavender essential oil and Epsom salts ( learn more about essential oils here!)
  4.  Try a face mask (I recommend BeautyCounter, and it takes 10 minutes!)
  5.  Meditate
  6.  Bake some cookies… and eat them (maybe share them too)
  7.  Go to a yoga class, maybe try a restorative class!
  8. Take a hike, get fresh air!
  9. Try to Unplug!
  10.  Journal, I am bad about this but it is worth a shot!
  11. Plan, make a list, schedule… when I see the big picture I feel so much better! (Check out my planner here)
  12. Go for a run… or walk… fresh air is good for you! And so is a little movement in your joints!

This list will keep growing, so stay tuned! Do you have any suggestions?