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As some of you know, I love fashion and use it as a way to express myself. Here at Rosy Point of View I want to encourage you all to find and embrace your unique style too! That being said, I am a self proclaimed old lady who loves to dress up classic pieces (though I sometimes grab more edgy pieces too!)… so my style certainly isn’t for everyone. But I am so excited because today I get to present to you an exciting new collaboration! Six Bloggers, One Trend! Gabby from Gift of Gabby reached out with an opportunity to join up with five other bloggers to share our unique take on a trend a month. Of course I said yes! So this month I want to introduce you to the other five members as well as show off our fun sundresses!

So as you probably guessed based on the description, for August we are bringing you floral sundresses! I know, I am super excited for sweater weather, and jackets, and scarves, and pumpkins… OK you get the picture! But, we need to savor these last summer days! So here is my floral sundress:

Floral Fun

Farmers Market Flowers


I decided to take my dress to the farmer’s market in town and grabbed some fresh flowers and corn (It happened to be the annual corn roast so I had to participate)! This dress is a few years old now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate something similar to your wardrobe. I love that it has a black background so I can continue to wear it in the fall, maybe with a blazer? I also whipped out my floppy hat that I found at Kohl’s and some sandals to keep the look casual! I feel like I need more reasons to wear my big hats! I sometimes forget about them or feel weird wearing them out, like why am I being so fancy at the farmer’s market? But I’m not really, I’m just having fun! Also, big hats help keep some of the sun’s harmful rays off my face… so it’s good for me too! Right? Or I’m just being fancy!


And now are you ready to meet the other lovely ladies?


Gift of Gabby Floral Sundress

is a 22 year old living in Columbus, GA with her husband and two fur babies. She writes Gift of Gabby; a lifestyle and personal style blog, where she likes to share outfits, product reviews, beauty ideas, and more. What about her style? She says, “I find it hard to describe my personal style because I don’t like to feel bound by labeling my style as ‘bohemian’, ‘vintage’, or ‘punk’. I have days where I like to be each of these things and more! Sometimes I think it’s fun to treat each day brand new and dress however you want. Of course I do love my vintage-inspired pieces, so they’re always a good go-to or starting point for me!”

I love this sunflower covered sundress she found! And her black accessories make it chic! Go check out her post here for more details!





Jody from It's Fantabulous

shares her favorite things at It’s Fantabulous! Jody added, “I am blogging about my journey in finding a style suitable for a 40 something Mom of 3 soon to be 6 kids. I tend to stick to more casual, simple looks but I am finding myself branching out to other things.”

I love how flowy the skirt of this dress is! Go check out her post here to learn more! I’m so excited to share Jody’s perspective with you all!







Just OD Things



or Oendrila is the author at Just OD Things, where she writes about the unique, odd, crazy journey of OD in the world of food, fashion, and everything else in this big, bad, beautiful world. She is all the way in India joining us!

I love the this look from OD, but I don’t think I could explain it as well as she does: “In this outfit, I have turned an Anarkali suit into a dress. An Anarkali suit is commonly worn by women in of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It has the shape of a frock, and looks almost like an empire waist dress, except, it is worn with a pair of leggings.” I think I’m going to learn a lot from OD and be jealous of her skills with a sewing machine! To learn more about her look head over here!



Lauren from Mothering Honestly


runs Mothering Honestly Blog, which consists of stories of motherhood, product reviews, coupons and whatever else she feels like writing about that day! Her style? “It’s hard to describe my personal style right now because I totally fit into the category of  ‘momwear’. I want to wear whatever is comfortable that day, and most of the time that consists of comfortable workout clothes and nursing friendly dresses.”

I love this unique black and white dress Lauren found! It would also transition really nicely into fall! And as she put it, ” It felt good to take the opportunity to actually put a little bit of makeup on and style my hair a little! It’s so hard to find the time anymore!” Check out her post here!



And last but not least, another rose…


Radiantly Rosy

over at Radiantly Rosy! Her blog is dedicated to women of all backgrounds, mothers to children of all ages, and to all things fashion! She is a daughter, a sister,an aunt, a friend, a student, a girlfriend, and a mom posting about her thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

I love the off-the shoulder trend! Rosy is rocking it here! To learn more about her look go check it out here!






That’s it for August! I can’t wait to see what we do in September! Go check out these other lovely ladies, who knows what you might find! And be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

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